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What are you really covered for?

When insuring your jewellery, watches and other valuables there is a key question to ask any prospective insurer: “How will my claim be settled?”

Standard insurance suits standard items but if you have something more valuable or unusual, then there are three key things to try and do:

  • Where possible, look to agree upfront how much will be paid out in the event of loss or damage
  • Select a policy where you are allowed to choose who carries out repairs to damaged articles
  • Choose a policy where you can ‘cash-out’ any valuables claim and take a full payment without deductions

For your most treasured items having a policy that allows you to choose the claim process, rather than the insurer, can be priceless.

It is also vital that you insure items for the correct replacement value and that you review this periodically. We are so committed to ensuring that you arrange the right cover, we offer access to a heavily discounted and sometimes free jewellery valuation service.

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