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Choosing the right insurance involves more than just comparing prices

In it’s purest sense, insurance is a promise, and the only time an insurance promise is really tested is when you come to make a claim. Finding out that you have an inadequate policy or provider after you have suffered a loss is likely to lead to one of three scenarios, escalating in severity. You might:

  • Experience a delay in getting your claim settled
  • Only receive a partial settlement
  • Discover that your claim is not covered at all

If the claim is substantial or involves unique assets then this can cause tremendous distress over and above the financial implications.

Like most things in life, there are good and bad insurance providers and understanding what kind of service you are likely to receive in the event of a claim should form part of your decision making process.

Quantum offer outstanding service and advice for those serious about protecting their wealth and assets. We take time to understand your needs and we then make a recommendation as to how you should structure your insurance and why.

We offer all prospective clients a complimentary review which can be conducted at your home, your office or over the phone at a time to suit you. Investing a little time in your personal review will ensure that you remove the unnecessary exposure created by an inappropriate insurance solution.

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Buying off the peg insurance is a fundamentally flawed strategy.

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Unique items deserve the best possible insurance.

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